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  • I’m Juanita Griffin and my baby’s name is Kuma. Trish and Tammy referred Kuma to their vet, Dr Kris Faddor at Green Mt Animal Hospital a few years ago. Kuma hates his nails messed with and requires sedation. Dr Faddor takes the time to put Kuma at ease as much as is possible with my Kuma (not exaggerating his dislike at having his nails messed with) and goes above and beyond what is expected to give Kuma exceptional care. Recently Kuma started limping really bad and when I took him to the hospital, they discovered that he had cellulitis and it was severe. Dr Faddor saved Kuma’s life because I didn’t know how serious Kuma’s condition was. Dr. Faddor always gives me choices as to what I can do for my baby and he and his staff have helped me help Kuma way beyond what I believe anyone else ever would.They truly love and care for our animals and allow you to feel confident that your pet is receiving the absolute best care available. They truly have my deepest gratitude.

    Nita Allred

  • I moved and needed to find a new vet. I looked at Nextdoor vet recommendations and this was one with quite a few. The office is well decorated. The staff extremely friendly. I was looking for quality that doesn't break the bank and this is it!Teddy says GMAH is cool👍

    Terri Chambers

  • 4.9 Google Rating